Clearwire's WiMAX network being tested in San Fran; Ubiquisys gets $5M investment

> Clearwire's WiMAX network is being tested in various neighborhoods in San Francisco and should be up in the coming months. Article

> Femtocell vendor Ubiquisys said it scored a $5 million investment led by three Taiwanese companies. Release

> Kineto introduced an Android application the company said turns existing WiFi access points into extensions of a mobile network. Article

> Ubidyne, the maker of antenna embedded radio technology, and Symena, a provider of automatic cell planning (ACP) tools, announced a partnership designed to come to market with technology that dynamically adapts to changes in network traffic patterns, capabilities that are fundamental to self optimizing networks (SON), the companies said. Release

And Finally... A Michigan man was arrested following a fight with the pet parrot he carried in his backpack. Article