Cyren Call says it's not to blame for Frontline's end

Cyren Call Communications addressed news reports and blog postings that suggested it caused the end of Frontline Wireless, the entity that had hopes of bidding in the D-block auction to offer a commercial/public-safety wireless network but subsequently couldn't raise enough money to do so. Cyren Call said it never demanded long-term payments as a condition for a winning bidder of D-block band as reports suggested. Cyren call is the Public Safety Spectrum Trust's adviser. The PSST is an organization chosen by the FCC to serve as the national public-safety licensee for 700 MHz broadband services. Cyren Call was tapped to settle the commercial/public-safety details.

"Anyone stating or implying that I or any member of Cyren Call or the Public Safety Spectrum Trust Corp. 'demanded' a spectrum lease payment is lying. Furthermore, anyone suggesting that any spectrum lease payment would be paid to Cyren Call is lying," said Cyren Call Chairman Morgan O'Brien.

The FCC failed to secure the minimum $1.33-billion bid for the D-block band and is mulling the options.

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