DARPA's Spectrum Collaboration Challenge kicks off

Image Source: DARPA

At the heart of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) newest challenge is finding ways to optimize the use of wireless spectrum in ways not possible with today's approaches – and the challenge is now officially on.

DARPA officials first publicly floated plans for the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2) back in March, with the intention of ensuring that the growing number of military and civilian wireless devices would have full access to what's becoming increasingly crowded spectrum. This week, the agency released a detailed posting about the competition's rules and participation options for those seeking one of up to 30 available slots.

The new DARPA challenge, which championed a spectrum-sharing model for RF communications, will unfold in three year-long phases beginning in 2017 and will finish in a high-profile Championship Event in late 2019. The winning team will walk away with a grand prize of $2 million and the teams that rank as the second and third best collaborators will take home $1 million and $750,000, respectively. Release