Divine offers multi-hot spot access

William Stoughton, the chief justice of the court that condemned the Salem witches, admonished the witches--and court on-lookers--that here on earth, we are all "under a solemn divine probation." On a more mundane level,  Divine Wireless has just come out with a product that makes it easier for those who travel a lot to connect to the Internet.

Divine Wireless presents itself as the U.K.'s first unified wireless service, and it combines the coverage of BT Openzone, The Cloud, and Surf and Sip into one service. When you add up all the hot spots these different companies operate, you reach the impressive figure of 15,000--and all it takes to connect to any one of them is one Divine account.

"It came about by frustration", says Guy Rosenhoiz, the CEO of Divine. "I'm always out and about and between meetings, and I found it really frustrating that every time I wanted to use WiFi, I needed to login to a different provider, and I had to pay a different way."

Divine's charges are reasonable--at a flat fee of 8p a minute. So that you do not pay more than you have to, a reminder pops up on your screen every half an hour to let you know how much time you have been using WiFi, and the cost you have incurred. 

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