eBay complains about slow mobile broadband speeds in UK

eBay and a number of retailers, trade bodies and consumer groups in the UK are up in arms over the speed of mobile broadband services.

These groups are backing the Mobile Manifesto that calls on the UK regulator Ofcom to speed up the rollout of 4G services and prioritize improving mobile broadband coverage on transport routes as eBay's research has showed that one third of consumers shop on their mobile devices while traveling.

Earlier this year eBay and research agency Populus conducted a survey of 2,000 mobile users regarding their mobile commerce experiences. Some 45 percent said they were unhappy with the speed at which they could download data.

Mobile operators are calling for more urgency from regulators in moving forward on the 4G front. Still, last week Ofcom last month announced it will again delay the auction of 4G spectrum. The auction was supposed to happen in early 2012 but may not begin until the end of 2012.

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