Editor's Corner

You will notice that this issue of FierceWiFi is arriving in your inbox on Tuesday rather than Wednesday. The reason? This week we are launching WiMAX Watch, a new semi-monthly supplement to FierceWiFi. WiMAX Watch will be mailed to you every other Thursday, starting this week, and in order not to crowd your inbox we have moved FierceWiFi to Tuesday.

We have been covering developments and news on the WiMAX front for two years now. The number of such developments and stories have steadily increased, and as WiMAX networks are being deployed, so have the stakes. It is time to devote more print space and attention to this technology, and the best way to do it would be to have a supplement dedicated to it.

We will continue to offer WiMAX-related stories in FierceWiFi, but the new supplement will allow us to offer even broader coverage and engage in more in-depth analysis of the business and technological issues involved. You will receive your first WiMAX Watch on Thursday. Please do not hesitate to share with us your comments and suggestions.

One more word on WiMAX: Our WiMAX Strategies event at GLOBALCOMM in Chicago on June 7-8 is yet another example of the growing attention we pay the technology and its business implications. Please go the event Web site to find out more information about the roster of speakers and on how to register. - Ben

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