Editor's Corner

Two announcements in which you may be interested:

First, In case you missed the letter from my colleague Stephen Wellman, I'd like to invite you to join us at an exclusive FierceWiFi executive summit on wireless VoIP. The event, wVoIP 2005, is designed to help you seize the emerging market opportunities presented by the convergence of wireless and VoIP. With keynotes from Vonage CEO Jeffrey Citron and Boingo CEO David Hagan, you won't want to miss it. This event will cover the entire spectrum of wireless VoIP, including converged access across 3G, WiFi, and WiMax networks. Click here to learn more, to view the agenda, and to take advantage of our early bird discount. This is a really important topic for our fast-growing industry.

Second, tomorrow (Thursday) I will be moderating a panel at the Wi-Fi VoWiFi Planet in Baltimore. The panel's title is The Quest for Seamless Mobility: A Progress Report, and it will examine the current state of play in WiFi/Cellular Convergence (WCC). Among the questions and issues which will be dicsused: Overseas countries, particularly Japan, already have combo WiFi/3G phone handsets, but do they work? When are these products coming to North America? The hand-off from a cellular base station to a WiFi hotspot of more than a few milliseconds could spell disaster to this fledgling work. Those laboring to perfect the technology for flight will discuss the challenges companies and individuals face in trying to get ubiquitous connectivity for voice communications.

The panelists are Stephen Durney, Solution Director, Avaya; Tim Gore, Technical Consultant, WiFi and WiMax, Lucent Worldwide Services, Lucent Technologies; Alain Mouttham, CEO, SIPquest; and Ognjen Redzic, Director of Product Management and Business Development, PCTEL's Mobility Solutions Group.

I hope to see you in Baltimore tomorrow and in San Jose later in the year. - Ben

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