Editor's Corner

In the December 19th issue of FierceWiFi we wrote about cellular-WiFi convergence, and quoted Matthew Miller, a columnist for Geek.com and ZDNet, about a new service offered by [email protected]. The quote we ascribed to Miller was actually written by Glenn Fleishman for the New York Times. Here it is again:  "In my own testing, I found the service a reasonable first draft of what could become a reliable alternative to both all-cellular networks and an emerging set of WiFi-only phones. The marriage might even save money--for both T-Mobile and its subscribers. Carrying calls over WiFi networks costs the company as little as 20 percent of the expense of calls handled on a cellular network." Miller was profiled in the article as one of the only people Fleishman could find who had actually used the commercial service. Our apologies to Glenn. - Ben