Ekahau, Digi team on wireless tracking system

The recent West Virginia mining tragedy only serves to highlight the importance of the product to come out of the collaborative effort between Ekahau and Digi International. The companies will work on embedding Ekahau's location-enabling technology in the Digi Connect family of WLAN embedded modules and external device server products. The Digi Connect 802.11b WLAN products provide wireless connectivity to a wide range of edge devices such as medical equipment in healthcare facilities. They also offer WPA2/802.11i security, which is a requirement in many such applications. Bolstering the Digi Connect products with location-tracking capabilities from Ekahau will offer customers wireless networking solutions which allow them to track assets, equipment and people.

Ekahau is licensing its software to Digi, which is integrating the software into the Digi Connect Wi-EM, Digi Connect Wi-ME and Digi Connect Wi-SP products. These products are already used by many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas. Just envision this: The integration of Digi Connect with Located by Ekahau in, say, an IV pump, forklift or miner's lighting system will make all these immediately trackable.

For more on Ekahau-Digi collaboration:
- see this press release

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