EnergyAustralia makes smart grid LTE deal with Ericsson, Sprint. AT&T swap spectrum

> Sweden's most recent LTE operators Tele2 AB and Telenor ASA are pricing their services below rival TeliaSonera AB, which launched a year ahead of its competitors. Article

> EnergyAustralia has signed an agreement with Ericsson as part of the energy company's smart grid rollout to use LTE for its 4G communications network. Article

­> India's state-owned BSNL is expected to be given a grant of $520 million to expand its WiMAX network into less profitable rural areas. Last month the company had said that it would not continue expanding its network into loss-making areas without tax payer funded support. Article

> The FCC delayed its December open meeting from Dec. 15 to Dec. 21, a move that many see as a way for the agency to get more time to decide its next action on net neutrality. Article

> Sprint Nextel and AT&T Mobility recently agreed on an exchange of 5 MHz to 10 MHz of A or B band broadband PCS spectrum in areas around Denver, New Orleans, Honolulu, San Francisco and elsewhere. Article

And Finally... New York City's taxi regulators are planning a new dress code for cab drivers that requires them to "present a professional appearance." Article  

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