Entropic marries MoCA and Wi-Fi in new adapters

Multimedia over Coax chip and software developer Entropic Communications is at the Consumer Electronics Show this week displaying what may be the next hot trend on both MoCA-based and Wi-Fi-based home networking: MoCA-to-Wi-Fi Ethernet-to-Coax adapters that allow consumers to broaden home Wi-Fi coverage by attaching multiple Wi-Fi access points to a MoCA backbone.

The result can be higher-quality, more reliable wireless coverage in the home to support the types of whole home video distribution applications that are becoming more common with the emergence of in-home TV applications for tablets and smartphones, as well as whole home DVRs and other advanced TV services.

Entropic is providing the basis for several adapters being shown at CES, including the Actiontec Multi-LAN Network Adapter, the Wi3 WiPNET in-home network cartridge and the ACEEX MoCA-to-Wi-Fi Adapter. Entropic said MoCA-to-Wi-Fi ECAs will be available in the first half of 2012.

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- here's the Entropic press release

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