Ericsson: 5G will require lots of new spectrum above 10 GHz

The most critical aspect that will influence how 5G networks manage envisioned traffic increases is the availability of additional spectrum, according to Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC). In a new white paper on 5G, the vendor said radio spectrum from 10 GHz up to 100 GHz is being considered for use by 5G mobile communication systems.

Ericsson noted that the 2015 World  Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) will focus on the allocation of additional spectrum below 6.5 GHz  for use by mobile communication. "However, to fulfill long-term traffic demands, and perhaps even more important, to enable the very wide transmission bandwidths needed to provide multi-Gbps data rates efficiently, the range of operation for next-generation wireless access needs to be extended into higher frequencies above 10 GHz--an agenda item for WRC-19," Ericsson said.

The company noted that it probably does not make a lot of sense to try using a single radio-interface structure, such as OFDM-based transmission technology, to address such a wide swath of frequencies, though it will likely provide a good baseline. Therefore, Ericsson said, "the overall 5G wireless-access solution will most likely consist of multiple well-integrated radio-interface solutions." For more, see this Ericsson 5G white paper. (PDF)