ETSI workshop brings together standards bodies, open source communities for 'NFV Village'

Last week's ETSI's Industry Specification Group for Network Functions Virtualization (ETSI NFV) convened in an industry workshop designed to align cloud-centric initiatives and network-centric initiatives to ensure successful realization of NFV through automation.

The workshop brought together the leading standards development organizations and open source communities in an "NFV Village" hosted by CableLabs at its Louisville, Colo., location. Organizers say it was a significant and unique event because it was the first time the key standards bodies and open source communities representing a broad ecosystem have met together with a common purpose to accelerate alignment of their activities in relation to NFV.

Development of NFV started at ETSI in January 2013 after a joint-carrier white paper was published in October 2012 introducing the NFV concept for operators. The ETSI NFV community has now grown to almost 300 organizations and has delivered key NFV specifications covering requirements, use cases, architectural framework, terminology, management and orchestration and more. Release