European telecom newcomers face spectrum, 5G challenges

In just the last nine months, the faces of European telecom regulation have changed considerably. From Ofcom CEO Sharon White, who is tasked with opening up spectrum in the 2.3 GHz and 3.4 GHz bands for  mobile data services, among other things, to Günther Oettinger, commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, who unveiled the 5G-PPP's vision document during the Mobile World Congress in March, the European regulatory environment is dealing with some entirely new players.

Each of these leaders will come up against some tough times ahead in terms of implementing new policies and updating existing regulations to match a rapidly changing telecom market that is just beginning to return to growth after years of stagnation. Can these new sheriffs in town effectively change the European telecom environment for the better?

FierceWirelessEurope takes a deep dive into the background of these newcomers and the challenges they face in this new special report.