EXFO adds bursty backhaul test

EXFO, a maker of network field test equipment, has announced it now supports capabilities to test multi-service bursty traffic characteristics on Ethernet mobile backhaul networks and other Ethernet architectures as part of its EthernetSAM solution.

The new capabilities are in line with the optional features of the year-old ITU-T Y.1564 Ethernet service activation test standard. The tests phases include step to test constant burst size and excess burst size. The tests can be used to validate customer service level agreements on a pre-service basis so that carriers can assure customers that they can meet the SLAs they have agreed to.

The Y.1564 standard tests address any kind of Ethernet service, but were developed largely to target the growing demand for testing mobile backhaul links, where carriers are likely to see multiple service types and applications with burst characteristics that make them particular sensitive to latency issues.

Better testing at the time of service activation will likely lead to more reliable backhaul of mobile traffic at a time when mobile broadband traffic is growing rapidly.

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- here's the EXFO press release

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