Eye-Fi expands hotspot access service; Cox launches free WiFi hotspots in Rhode Island

> Eye-Fi, which makes wireless memory cards for digital cameras, announced it will add "hundreds of thousands" more WiFi networks to its hotspot access service, including a big expansion of its international hotspots, through a partnership with Devicescape. Release

> A family is disputing an $18,000 bill from Verizon Wireless thanks to a son's cellphone tethering habits. Article

> Over seventy per cent of UK travellers feel they would benefit from having in-car WiFi access, according to a survey. Article

> Cox Business announced the launch of free Cox WiFi hotspots across Rhode Island. Article

And Finally... Comedian and satirist John Steward ripped into Apple during an episode of The Daily Show over the police raid on the house of Gizomodo's Jason Chen after he leaked details of the next iPhone, a prototype of which had come into his possession. "Apple - you guys were the rebels, man, the underdogs. People believed in you. But now, are you becoming the man? Remember back in 1984, you had those awesome ads about overthrowing Big Brother? Look in the mirror, man!," said Stewart. Article