FCC begins second round of white-space testing

During its open meeting last week, the FCC announced its schedule for testing four new devices designed to operate in white-space spectrum--those airwaves that sit between broadcasters' high-definition TV airwaves. The FCC is reviewing four devices from Microsoft, Philips, Motorola and Adaptrum as part of Phase II of white space testing. The FCC laboratory will commence testing the devices next week and expects the tests to continue for about four to six weeks. Field testing will follow the lab tests and take an additional four to six weeks.

Last year,a group of high-tech companies that include Google, Intel, Dell, HP and Microsoft, which collectively formed the White Space Coalition, delivered to the FCC two WiFi devices that the group claimed operated in this spectrum without interfering with high-definition TV. However, the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology found in preliminary trials of the prototypes that "the transmitter in the prototype device is capable of causing interference to TV broadcasting and wireless microphones." However, the FCC is committed to making sure white-space spectrum is used to usher in more broadband competition.

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