FCC commissioners make case for sharing 5.9 GHz spectrum

Two members of the FCC – Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Michael O'Rielly – made the case this week that the 5.9 GHz spectrum has enough room for both super-fast Wi-Fi and smarter vehicular technology.

Speaking at a forum at New America's Open Technology Institute, the commissioners, who previously blogged about the Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) system, voiced their support for sharing 5.9 GHz between those seeking to build gigabit-speed Wi-Fi networks and the automotive industry.

According to FierceGovernmentIT, O'Rielly noted that the FCC's role "is to ensure that the 5.9 GHz spectrum band is used efficiently and as intended. That currently is not the case with regards to DSRC technology that has been on the drawing and testing boards for over 15 years." Article