FCC: Wireless industry not "effectively competitive"

Dealing a blow to the U.S. wireless industry, the FCC said for the first time in nearly a decade that the industry is "not effectively competitive." The commission, in its annual report on the state of wireless competition, did not say the industry is uncompetitive, but instead took a neutral stance in its 14th version of the Mobile Wireless Competition report. In presenting the report, the FCC staff noted the surge in smartphone usage and mobile data use. Chelsea Fallon, a senior analyst in the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, noted that in 2004, 4 percent of consumers' monthly wireless bills related to wireless data charges; in 2008 that number grew to close to 22 percent. Fallon also noted that users of USB modems and laptops with embedded mobile broadband generated 1.4 GB of data usage per month. Article