FEATURE: Industry Voices: Robert Syputa of Maravedis on Beyond Femtocells

The Grand Scheme Beyond Femtocells: Smart Distributed WBB Networks

By Robert Syputa, Partner & Senior Analyst, Maravedis Inc.

Femtocells have advanced into the market as a way to extend coverage and offload capacity of 3G networks. This is a method of distributing the signaling and bandwidth load to local area networks, enhancing building penetration that is currently limited by 3G WCDMA technology and network architecture. 

Femtocells have little ability to become self-organized or perform network management functions.  WiMAX and LTE, on the other hand, are based on highly adaptive OFDMA air interfaces and IP communications that enable architecting of self-configured and distributed networks. They become part of the broader unified communications industry movement toward smart, distributed networking that is augmented by distributed storage and application servers. The largest opportunities for WiMAX are Smart Distributed WBB Networks, SDWN, and Purpose Use of Multiple Spectrum bands (PUMS). 

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