Femto Forum takes page from DSL world for CPE provisioning

The Femto Forum is taking its que from the DSL world when it comes to provisioning home base stations and remotely managing them. The forum announced that its members have agreed to implement the Broadband Forum's TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol for real-time management of customer premise equipment (CPE), as the basis for the management protocol for femtocells.

The Forum noted that femtocells will be deployed in high volumes and installed by the subscriber so the provisioning and configuration has to e completely automated and managed remotely by the mobile operator. The TR-069 standard has proven it allows operators to offer simple installation and provisioning; perform advanced diagnostics and conduct remote firmware and service upgrades with millions of end devices, in an extremely cost-effective manner, the forum noted.  

The Femto Forum said it plans to continue working closely with the Broadband Forum to define extensions to TR-069 to add additional femtocell capability to the standard. The two bodies have been working together over recent months to ensure the protocol is able to meet the criteria of femtocells.

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