FiberTower brokering 39 GHz spectrum

Spectrum Bridge announced FiberTower has listed its 39 GHz portfolio of nationwide area millimeter-wave spectrum on SpecEx, an online spectrum broker. The move comes just before the federal government will issue $7.2 billion in loans to bring broadband to underserved areas. Spectrum Bridge said FiberTower's 39 GHz microwave licenses are ideal for broadband and transport, including providing services in underserved and un-served areas. The licenses cover 99 percent of the U.S.

The companies said the spectrum can be used for a number of services: an alternative tool to both incumbent LECs and competitive carriers. The spectrum can be used for backhaul, point-to-point broadband links for medium/large enterprises, schools and libraries, government agencies, ports and airports, mining, public safety and disaster response.

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