FierceWirelessTech makes its debut

Tammy Parker, FierceWirelessTechWelcome to the first issue of FierceWirelessTech. I'm really excited that we are taking the former FierceBroadbandWireless even deeper into the realm of wireless technology advancements.

Our name change actually reflects the direction we've been going during the past 18 months as we increasingly delved into coverage of technical innovations. The delivery of broadband services over wireless networks is now commonplace, so our name change reflects the fact that it is time to shine the light on ongoing industry advancements that further leverage the broadband wireless environment.

We will continue covering hot technology topics such as LTE Advanced, HetNets, gigabit Wi-Fi, TV white space and more. But going forward, FierceWirelessTech will also tackle issues such as virtualization, new ways of using spectrum and the evolving vision of 5G. We will also be looking at advances within standards bodies, academic institutions and carrier labs.

FierceWirelessTech is reaching out to industry thought leaders, who are bringing new approaches to the table as they confront the wireless industry's myriad challenges. For example, I recently spoke with a number of folks, including Bruce Kraemer--senior manager for strategic marketing at Marvell and chair of IEEE 802.11--about IEEE's new 802.11HEW study group. This SG is in the early days of exploring methods of improving Wi-Fi service quality in order to enhance the user experience, particularly when it comes to data sessions that are offloaded from LTE to Wi-Fi networks. You can check out my 802.11HEW article here.

FierceWirelessTech will continue to publish twice weekly, and I hope you find our expanded coverage compelling and informative. --Tammy