Firetide 5 GHz mesh network used for traffic management

Firetide deployed an intriguing private wireless broadband network using its mesh technology in Makati City, Philippines, which is using the network for its new traffic management center.

The system uses unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum to deliver real-time, high-definition video monitoring of major intersections in the city's central business district. Firetide, based in Campbell, Calif., said its Automesh technology was selected to deliver edge-of-network support to the cameras while simultaneously providing reliable wireless backhaul.

A total of 115 HD cameras were deployed, requiring a minimum of 30 Mbps bandwidth for non-MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) links, and 150 Mbps bandwidth for MIMO links for the mesh radios. The deployment encompasses two zones: Zone 1 covers 10 intersections comprising a total of 47 cameras and 14 Firetide mesh nodes with 11 wireless hops, while Zone 2 covers 15 intersections and comprises a total of 68 cameras and 22 Firetide mesh nodes with 19 wireless hops.

"The primary function of the new traffic monitoring system is to alleviate traffic congestion, document traffic law violations, and detect criminal acts. But the advanced wireless network that underpins this system can deliver other important benefits for the city. For example, during the recent typhoon Maring and monsoon rains, we were able to better monitor the flooded areas of the city and make decisions to evacuate residents and save lives," said Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin S. Binay Jr.

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