Focusing on the future

Focusing on the future

It's always intriguing to talk about future technologies. That's what I like about trade shows. As such, if you are attending next month's CTIA Wireless 2008 in Las Vegas, there will be plenty of discussion about future technologies.

The discussion around WiMAX, however, is beyond vaporware. The WiMAX Forum intends to make a big splash during the show to demonstrate that 802.16e has proliferated around the globe, despite the PR hit the technology is taking in terms of Sprint and Clearwire. According to Ron Resnick, chairman of the WiMAX Forum, some 260 service providers are in the midst of deploying 802.16e networks. The forum will be hosting the "WiMAX Lounge" that will feature a huge map on the wall pinpointing all of the deployments globally. Expect more noise to come out of the forum and its members around the recently announced 700 MHz profile for WiMAX. As the 700 MHz auction wraps up, you can bet vendors will be vying for contracts and the opportunity to build WiMAX in the band. 


For the first time at a CTIA show, Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin will be a keynote speaker. As head of one of the world's largest mobile operators, what he says about technology gets noticed. During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, Sarin argued that WiMAX could find a place within the LTE standard after the previous year warning the infrastructure industry that WiMAX threatened to eat LTE's lunch. What interesting comment will he make at CTIA?

Meanwhile, we should hear a lot about LTE at the show. Demos should be commonplace with more specific announcements surrounding product roadmaps.

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