FON takes on Starbucks with Fonbucks campaign

Spanish WiFi company FON, which has the goal of creating a global network of shared hotspots, is aggressively taking on T-Mobile USA's Starbucks WiFi service. The company said it has given away some 7,000 routers via campaign called Fonbucks, which is designed to encourage people living near a Starbucks location to provide free or inexpensive WiFi services. FON said it gave away 5,000 more routers than it expected.

FON's approach to Internet access offers routers that allow WiFi users to share their broadband Internet connections with others in exchange for being able to use these other users' connections for free when they are away from home. T-Mobile Starbucks locations charge a $10 access fee. FON's plan is to allow its people to charge $2 for WiFi access. FON customers that offer the service receive 50 percent of the money paid for the service. Thanks to the campaign, FON said it saw an increase in FON hotspots in highly dense, Starbucks-populated areas.

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