Former FCC Chairman supports net neutrality but not necessarily for wireless networks; Borders rolling out free WiFi

> Former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin threw his support behind the effort to turn net neutrality principles into hard-and-fast regulations. However, he was skeptical of having the new rules being pushed by the current chairman, Julius Genachowski, apply to wireless companies. Article

> Nortel will auction its GSM assets and relevant patents, which include connections with more than 100 mobile operators in 65 countries. This business unit also comprises its GSM-R operations, which handle communications for railway control centers and trains. Article

> Withings introduced the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale which looks like an ordinary bathroom scale but it is connected to WiFi so that it can register your weight, fat mass and BMI and send it to the Internet. Article

> Borders will be rolling out free WiFi service in its US book stores this month. Article

> Fujitsu has issued a press release saying that it had been selected by NTT DoCoMo as a vendor for developing a mobile data communications terminal based on LTE technology. Article

And Finally... A Detroit man has been sentenced to at least two years in prison for stealing a woman's car after skipping out on the check during their first date. Article