Fring a popular app on HTC Evo 4G device; Faster WiMAX version approved

> Verizon Wireless said LTE will match the company's 3G coverage by 2013. Article

> A Sprint employee used the company's inventory system to figure out exactly how many EVO 4Gs were sold and posted that number online, resulting in a speedy investigation by Sprint and the employee's immediate termination. Article

> Samsung plans on producing mobile devices running on LTE networks and is also counting on its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S, to lift its sails. Article

> The public safety community remains unconvinced by a report issued this week from the Federal Communications Commission that aims to justify the FCC's plan involving a nationwide public safety network. Article

> According to a Sprint executive, some 40,000 HTC Evo 4G devices are now using the Fring application for mobile video and voice calls and spending an average of eight logged-in hours per day. Article

> Baseband chip supplier PicoChip Design has secured an additional $20 million of equity funding to support expansion plans in the femtocell market. The ten-year-old company said it is on track to achieve 50 percent quarter-on-quarter sequential revenue growth in the second quarter. Article

> WiMAX  service providers and components manufacturers as well as by device makers have approved the WiMAX Forum's plans for boosting speed and capacity in WiMAX networks. The initiative was announced in April. Article

And Finally... The North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro temporarily closed its gorilla exhibit after one of the apes tried to escape. A branch from a tree fell into the exhibit, and one female gorilla tried to use the branch as a ladder to climb out of the exhibit, but she didn't make it. Article