Gartner: 4G to kick off mass migration to mobile VoIP

Gartner is predicting that more than 50 percent of mobile voice traffic will be carried using end-to-end VoIP by 2019 but the industry won't see mass-scale adoption happen until 4G networks are fully implemented in 2017.

"Once the basic market conditions are in place, transition to mobile portal VoIP should be fairly rapid because of the inherent convenience and end-user cost savings. In 10 years time we expect that 30 percent of mobile voice traffic will be carried out through third-party mobile portals, such as Google, Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo, which will adopt wireless VoIP service as a voice option to their current communications hub, said Tole Hart, research director with Gartner.

Gartner said mobile portal VoIP offered by third-party application-based providers poses a huge threat to the global mobile voice market, which is valued at about $692.6 billion. Gartner predicts that traditional network-based mobile carriers face over time the real prospect of losing a major slice of their voice traffic and revenue to new non-infrastructure players that use VoIP.

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