Gogo says Apple devices dominate in-flight connectivity

Nearly 85 percent of devices used to connect to the Internet via Gogo's in-flight network carry Apple's iOS operating system, while a paltry 16 percent are equipped with Google's Android OS, according to data released by Gogo. In addition, Apple's iPad is the device travelers most used to connect to the Internet via Gogo's network. Considering only smartphones, the iPhone makes up 73 percent of usage and Android devices make up 26 percent, while BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows-based devices each make up less than 1 percent of the devices being used to connect in air, said Gogo. The in-flight connectivity provider said tablets are now the preferred device for in-air connectivity at 35 percent, followed closely by laptops at 33 percent and smartphones at 32 percent. Gogo based its conclusions on data compiled through surveys of its users and internal data gathered from more than 35,000 average daily in-air connectivity sessions across more than 1,800 Gogo-equipped aircraft. For more on Gogo's report, see this release.