Google abandons Street View in Germany; French operators call for LTE spectrum limits

> FCC chairman Julius Genachowski believes that if utility companies reduce their attachment rates, it will make it easier for service providers to expand broadband services to more subscribers. Article 

> Google abandons Street View in Germany. Article

> The prospect of France Telecom Orange dominating the bidding for LTE spectrum has provoked calls from the smaller French operators for limits on the amount a single operator can buy, according to a Reuters report. Article

> The German LTE roadmap has moved another step forward with the announcement from Telefónica O2 that it has selected Huawei as a supplier for its German LTE network. Article

> Germany's largest mobile operator, Deutsche Telekom has gone live with its LTE network, with an initial focus on providing broadband services to underserved rural areas. Article

And Finally... A New Mexico man was sentenced to prison Wednesday after he asked to repay his investment scam victims through poker tournament winnings, but failed to find luck at the card table. Article

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