Google enters WiFi arena

One thing Google has is plenty of money at its disposal, and it has decided to use some of it to offer a new WiFi service to be called Google Secure Access. The Google site already offers the downloadable WiFi client application. The tool provides an addition layer of security when accessing the Internet through a WiFi connection. The client redirects any requests to pass through Google servers, enabling Google to access massive amounts of information. The service is currently available only at "certain locations in the San Francisco Bay Area." Google in April set up a hot spot in San Francisco's Union Square.

In the last few months, Google has launched a VoIP service, Google Talk; acquired the wireless technology company Android; and been busy buying up dark fiber-optic wiring in different locations around the country for broadband access. All this suggests that one thing Google will do with some of the money it has raised is become an infrastructure provider.

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