Google, Key Bridge wrap up TV white space database trials

The FCC is soliciting public input regarding recently concluded trials of TV white space (TVWS) databases systems operated separately by Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Key Bridge Global.

Google wrapped up its database trial on April 17, and Key Bridge's trial was completed one week later on April 24. The public was allowed to participate in the TVWS database trials, and participants were encouraged to report inaccuracies or other issues during the trials to Google or Key Bridge as appropriate.

The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) set a June 13 deadline for comments regarding the trials as well as summary reports on the trials that were already submitted individually by Google and Key Bridge. Reply comments are due June 20. The OET is in charge of granting final approval for any TVWS database system upon determining that the system complies with all applicable rules and requirements. 

Google noted in its report that its trial site attracted 16,000 unique users, generating in excess of 36,000 page views. More than 30 percent of all visits were from outside the United States.

Key Bridge said its portal was visited 1,185 times by 604 unique users during the trial period. Of those users, 58 registered an account on the system and extensively exercised the system registration work flows.

Google and Key Bridge hope to join Spectrum Bridge and Telcordia, which have already gained FCC approval and are operating their databases. Telcordia is now owned by Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC).

TVWS database systems support the operation of low-power unlicensed transmitting devices on unoccupied spectrum within broadcast TV bands. The databases are supposed to correctly identify channels available for unlicensed TV bands devices, properly register facilities entitled to protection and provide protection to authorized services and registered facilities as specified in FCC rules.

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