Google to extend video quality of service insights to mobile

Google's YouTube gets blamed for generating a lot of the traffic on mobile networks and doing little to help from a traffic management standpoint, but the company says it has plans to offer quality of service insights for video applications.

Mike Blanche, head of EMEA Strategic Relationships, told the operator-dominated audience at a session of the Huawei Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2015 that Google aims to extend its quality of service insight offering -- currently only offered to fixed operators to enable them to optimize their networks and applications to deliver a better quality video service -- into the mobile space, Mobile World Live reports.

"We have to work together. Google is not a lone force in the telecoms ecosystem. We need telcos to be successful so they can build the networks and users can consume our services," Blanche said. "This isn't a zero-sum game, we should think about ways we can work together on growth."

Blanche quoted a recent Ovum report that claimed video is the "best thing" that ever happened to mobile networks. "We agree with that," he said. Article