Googlers go behind the scenes of Project Loon

Two Googlers known as Nat and Lo are pursuing their "20% Project" to create and share videos of some of the things of interest inside Google, and one of their latest is about Project Loon. The two were able to hang out for a day with Google[x] Project Loon's team, see inside a giant WW II blimp hangar where they test tennis-court sized Internet balloons and learn how they use McKinley Climatic Laboratory in Florida to test in extremely cold temperatures.

Loon is still in the testing phase, but already it has delivered Internet service to a residence in New Zealand and to a school in Brazil. More recently, FCC filings have emerged to indicate that Google might want to expand its tests in the U.S. to all 50 states. The Nov. 24 filing with the FCC asked for a two-year experimental license to conduct nationwide testing in the 71-76 and 81-86 GHz millimeter-wave bands. For more on what Google is revealing about Project Loon, check out Nat&Lo's YouTube video.

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