Gowex's We2 Wi-Fi ad platform attracts 500 New York merchants

Gowex, in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corp., yesterday officially launched We2, which the company first announced in late October. The We2 Social Wi-Fi network initially includes more than 500 New York merchants.

The We2 platform includes Gowex's NetVertiser device and We2 Merchant mobile application. They are used together to enable businesses to provide secure on-site Wi-Fi, create location-based ads and promotions, message directly with customers, and review real-time business insights. Customers using the app can access free in-store Wi-Fi, roaming at We2 and GOWEX hotspots across the city, and social features that enable them to interact with other people connected to the We2 network. The new merchant hotspots add to the more than 2,000 outdoor access points Gowex already has operating in the city.

Gowex noted the We2 initiative is part of outgoing Mayor Bloomberg's efforts to position New York as a tech hub. For more, see this release.