GSMA: AT&T accounts for 21% of global HSPA connections

According to the GSM Association, AT&T accounts for 21 percent of all HSPA (high-speed packet access) subscriptions worldwide, beating out industry heavyweights such as NTT DoCoMo. The GSMA puts AT&T at 28.6 million HSPA connections, which is significantly more than South Korea's SK Telecom's 12.4 million, Vodafone's 2.1 million in the U.K. and NTT DoCoMo's 5.1 million in Japan. AT&T is benefiting from being late to the 3G game. Having launched services in 2005, every AT&T 3G customer is an HSPA customer instead of a WCDMA subscriber. That's why DoCoMo has just 5.1 million HSPA subscribers. It has 48 million WCDMA customers. Globally, 230 operators have deployed the HSPA upgrade and have a signed up a total of 131 million HSPA customers, the GSMA said. Article

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