Harris buying Tyco Electronics; 3UK moves toward breakeven

> Harris said it would buy Tyco Electronics' wireless business for $675 million. Article

> Next generation wireless technologies such as LTE and Mobile WiMAX will prompt operators to adopt an "open access" mentality, allowing any client device to connect to the network. This will lead to higher service stickiness and reduced churn, analysts say. Article

> 3UK is moving toward breakeven but its future is in question. Article

> Looking to set the benchmark for fixed/mobile broadband convergence, Vodafone Germany has unveiled new software that allows users to prioritize available broadband connections (3G, WiFi or fixed) and then switches automatically between them as they become available. Article

> Frost & Sullivan predicts 22.4 million Long Term Evolution (LTE) subscribers by 2013. Article

And Finally... Time Warner Cable sets aside a controversial plan to charge its users extra for using more data. Article