HDTV via WiFi expected this summer

Celeno Communications, an Israeli startup backed by Cisco, has created a technology it says upgrades the transmission part of a WiFi network to make it robust enough to deliver multiple high-definition television (HDTV) streams. The semiconductor manufacturer said the technology, which will work with existing receivers such as set-top boxes already in the home, is in field trials and will be ready this summer.

The technology, called OptimizAIR, uses 5 GHz spectrum and uses standard PHY and MAC layers but includes proprietary algorithms to double the throughput of standard 802.11 WiFi and increase signal range by a factor of eight. Celeno said it can stream HD video 120 feet, through four brick walls and more than three floors.

The OptimizAIR is designed to be integrated into broadband access gateways, allowing end users to stream video from PCs to TV sets and other consumer electronics devices.

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