Huawei expects additional TD-LTE trials; More than 200,000 customers downloaded Skyfire's iPad browser in one month

> Huawei said it expects additional TD-LTE trials. Article

> Cisco announced a free software update for its 11n WiFi access points that will enable them to run in a new mode, dubbed Enhanced Local Mode (ELM). Due to arrive in a March software update, ELM will enable the access points to feed information to Cisco's adaptive wireless intrusion prevention system (IPS). Article

> Google announced that, starting April 4, Google Co-Founder Larry Page will take charge of Google's day-to-day operations as CEO. Article

> More than 200,000 consumers downloaded mobile web solutions developer Skyfire's browser for Apple's iPad tablet during its first month of App Store availability. Article

And Finally... ­A crocodile in the Ukraine is facing surgery after it swallowed a mobile phone a tourist accidentally dropped into an aquarium enclosure. Article