Huawei keeps 5G in the limelight with talk of defining it

When you're the host of the party, it's natural to take the stage at some point, which is exactly what Huawei's rotating CEO did when the company hosted the second day of the Global Mobile Broadband (MBB) Forum 2014, supported by the GSMA and the China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MIIT, in Shanghai, China.

CEO Eric Xu shared his point of view on the definition of 5G, saying that although the technology is still in the research and innovation stage, clearly defining it is of utmost importance, calling for deep discussions on the definition. Xu is part of Huawei's unique management structure whereby a three-person executive team rotates the CEO position every six months.

Huawei points out that China is home to the world's largest 4G network, with development of the most convergent FDD (frequency division duplex) and TDD (time division duplex) networks increasing momentum every day.

5G is expected to provide a better mobile broadband experience by meeting the requirements of high spectrum rates, high peak rates, a large number of connections and 1 millisecond latency, enabling operator networks to support more connections and thereby promoting the mobile broadband industry, according to Xu.

He also mentioned that Huawei will continue investing in 5G, working closely with the industry ecosystem and enhancing the Mobile Network of Things (MoT), supported by public networks to discover 5G requirements and promote the development of the 5G industry.

Huawei has been on a 5G tear of late, announcing a 5G Joint Innovation Program with SingTel of Singapore and a 5G test-bed program with the University of Surrey in Guildford, England. It's targeting 2018 for trials of 5G at the FIFA World Cup with Russian operator MegaFon, two years before many expect 5G to be commercially available.

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