Huawei, Qualcomm to show off live TV via eMBMS on a 'heavily loaded' network

Huawei and Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) are working to push eMBMS technology by using it to broadcast live TV over a fully loaded wireless network in Europe. The companies said the test is intended to show broadcasters how much more efficient eMBMS is when compared with standard unicast streaming. Importantly, the demonstration--which will be conducted at the Future of Broadcasting Showcase in the Glasgow Science Centre--will show the same TV broadcast streamed via an eMBMS system and a unicast system, side by side.

The test, using content from the BBC, will run over EE's LTE network using its 2.6 GHz spectrum. The content will be delivered to a Huawei server in the EE test labs in the MPEG-DASH format, and then will be wrapped in an eMBMS transmission and sent to a base station at the Glasgow Science Centre. Conference attendees will be able to view the content on Qualcomm devices running its Snapdragon 800 processor and using its LTE Broadcast middleware.

Huawei's Kevin Tao, president of the company's Western European region, said the technology has the potential "to be a far more efficient way of delivering live content for broadcasters which will make the act of watching live TV much smoother with no interruptions." Check out this Huawei release and this FierceWireless:Europe article.