Ingenu deploys IoT network in Dallas; Pentagon still not confident about Raytheon's new system for GPS

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> Facebook is unveiling new technology to boost Wi-Fi, and San Jose is the first city to try it out. San Jose Mercury News article

> Ingenu and the City of Dallas announced the deployment of Ingenu's Machine Network in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Release

> The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), which certifies cables as safe, is announcing a new way to ensure that devices are protected from rogue cables. The Verge article

> Google is taking flak for some of the FCC's proposals, sparking controversy among telecom firms. Wireless Week article

> U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work on Tuesday said he was still not confident about completion of a long-delayed, over-budget ground-based system being developed by Raytheon Co to control new GPS satellites built by Lockheed Martin Corp. Reuters article

> E-commerce giant Alibaba Group has joined the OpenDaylight Project. SDX Central article

> Parallel Wireless announced that its HetNet solution has been selected by M1 Limited in Singapore to support its WiFi-On-The-Go service as a part of a HetNet trial. Release

> Broadcom announced a new dual-channel 5 GHz Wi-Fi access point platform for enterprise. EE Times article

And finally… Something strange happened with North Korea's internet. Article

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