Intel: WiMAX 2.0 to be finalized by year-end 2010; IPWireless makes deal in Wyoming for TD-CDMA

> Verizon Wireless threw its support behind the FCC's effort to craft a nationwide, interoperable public-safety broadband network, but reiterated its opposition to a key provision of the plan. Article

> Sprint Nextel inked a new machine-to-machine deal with Walsh Wireless to power a data logger that can track how a person uses their car, so that they can potentially reduce their premiums if they have usage-based insurance. Release

> ARM said it expects over 50 tablet PC models to hit the market this year, many of them connected to 3G networks. Article

> ­According to a new report from the Dell'Oro Group, worldwide microwave transmission equipment revenues grew 9 percent in the fourth quarter 2009, with the packet microwave revenues growing 40 percent during the same period. Article

> An Intel executive stated that standards for WiMAX 2.0 will be finalized by the end of 2010. Deployment will be widespread by 2012 with standard, 802.16m providing faster download and upload speeds. Article

> IPWireless announced that the city of Gillette, Wyoming is deploying a citywide high-speed, wireless network for police, utilities, public works and engineering departments utilizing IPWireless' 3GPP-based TD-CDMA technology. Release

And Finally... Authorities in California say a woman with a gun robbed 11 customers at a market and got away with $6. Article