IPWireless announces end-to-end public-safety LTE product portfolio

Following its first competitive public-safety LTE contract with Raytheon, IPWireless announced a new end-to-end LTE product portfolio for federal, state and local governments, which includes scalable evolved packet core (EPC) solutions, an evolution of its base-station product and end-user devices for Band 14 and other global LTE spectrum bands.

The vendor's EPC products include the EPC3000, which is designed to support small-to-large local and regional networks, and scales as government agencies needs evolve to support large statewide network deployments and ultimately, an interoperable national public safety network. The EPC200 is designed to support single cell deployments for military applications, private compounds or disaster response. Both LTE core products are fully interoperable with other LTE networks using standardized 3GPP interfaces.

In addition to supporting IPWireless' V5 eNodeB, IPWireless' EPC products support the next evolution of IPWireless' eNodeB base station, the V6, which integrates a new digital and radio frequency card, supporting LTE Release 8 and is software upgradeable to Release 9. The V6 LTE Base Station's compact and fully environmentally hardened form factor allows outdoor deployment at the tower top or building rooftop, at the base of a tower, or in an equipment room, shelter or outdoor cabinet. It is also ideally suited to rapid deployment disaster response networks and military tactical deployments.

 An IPWireless Band Class 14 LTE USB modem is currently being tested on the LTE emergency communications demonstration network in Boulder, CO. The demonstration network is being managed by the Public Safety Communications Research program established by the US Department of Commerce and is intended to provide a common demonstration site for manufacturers, carriers, and public safety agencies to test and evaluate advanced broadband communications equipment and software for emergency first responders.

IPWireless and Raytheon recently announced they were awarded the first competitive public-safety LTE contract in the nation as well as the first contract under the broadband stimulus program for recipients of the 700 MHz broadband waiver.

The $8.7 million contract will provide Adams County, Colo., and the adjacent Denver community, with a 15-site LTE communications system. The county is using 700 MHz spectrum that the public-safety community already owns, and the FCC has given the go-ahead to use that spectrum for mobile broadband services.

Raytheon has teamed with IPWireless, which is providing base stations and devices. Raytheon will be responsible for system design, equipment and system configuration, project management, installation, testing and training.

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