Iran's WiMo Wi-Fi network signs up 50,000 users

The WiMo Wi-Fi network in Tehran, Iran, has garnered 50,000-plus registered mobile device users after four months of beta testing, according to Telegeography. The WiMo network includes 500 Internet access points in shopping malls, transport terminals, banks, libraries and restaurants. Internet service provider MobinNet runs WiMo, which is slated to expand to some 1,000 hotspots by midyear. During WiMo's beta testing phase, customers of Iranian mobile operators MCI, MTN Irancell, Taliya or Rightel can access free WiMo service on any compatible device for the first 60 minutes. After that time, their speeds will be throttled unless they upgrade to a paid service. MobinNet is using its WiMAX network, which covers 135 Iranian cities and serves at least 400,000 broadband Internet customers, in the transmission layer of the WiMo Wi-Fi network. For more, see this Telegeography article.

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