Lebanon prefers 802.20 to 802.16

Lebanon is a beautiful country with breath-taking vistas. It is also a country that has known little but suffering in the past three decades--what with invasions, ethnic strife, occupation and political assassinations. It is thus good to read non-war-and-misery-related news from the cedar country: Cedarcom, the leading Lebanese telecommunications provider, has deployed MOBI, using Kyocera's iBurstTM technology, and in the process has become the first to deploy a true mobile broadband wireless access network in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Imad Tarabay, chairman and CEO at Cedarcom, said that the company studied and tested several MBWA technologies and concluded that Kyocera's iBurstTM technology, which is considered the pre-802.20 standard, was superior to other offerings, including WiMAX 802.16e.

The MOBI service area covers nearly 1.5 million inhabitants, and the company offers several service plans--from 256Kbps, 512Kbps and 1 Mbps.

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