LightPointe 60 GHz backhaul radio includes 5 GHz backup plan

LightPointe unveiled its AireBeam G60-DP, a 60 GHz backhaul radio that switches to 5 GHz during the types of humid or moist weather that can impact 60 GHz transmissions.

LightPointe's DualPath Always-On technology is designed to determine the best transmission method at any given time in any type of weather. "This is especially critical in the 60 GHz wireless bridge category, since the 60 GHz frequency range is subject to atmospheric oxygen absorption. In the event that the 60 GHz transmission becomes insufficient during such temporary environmental conditions, LightPointe's new solution switches in real-time to alternative frequencies," said the company.

One benefit of oxygen's natural attenuation of 60 GHz signals is that the process restricts a signal's ability to overshoot the intended target receiver. "This, combined with the 'pencil beam' signal characteristics of 60 GHz, makes such transmissions very secure," said LightPointe.

The AireBeam G60-DP can provide bandwidth augmentation and small cell backhaul in 4G LTE carrier networks, said LightPointe President and CEO Heinz Willebrand. The device can also be used to connect office buildings, school campuses, hospital wings and military installations.

Unlike licensed-band millimeter-wave and other radios, 60 GHz radios are license-free in many countries. The FCC has allocated 7 GHz of unchannelized spectrum for license-free operation between 57 and 64 GHz. The number of 60 GHz links that will backhaul small cells will grow by a CAGR of 70 percent between 2011 and 2016, according to research firm Maravedis.

LightPointe, based in San Diego, is majority owned by private venture firm Berg & Berg Enterprises.

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