Maravedis: Mobile WiMAX chipset shipments reach 5M in 2009

A new report from Maravedis indicates shipments of mobile WiMAX chipsets reached 5 million in 2009, up from 1.3 million in 2008. However, the total WiMAX equipment market remained flat at $1.36 billion, compared with $1.34 billion in 2008, said Maravedis research director Adlane Fellah. ­

 "The overall picture is mixed. Shipments of base stations decreased in 2009 and were impacted more deeply by the economic downturn, whereas device shipments, especially mobile WIMAX devices, grew at a rate of 147 percent year-over-year compared to 2008, correlating to the addition of a 3.5 million WiMAX subscribers during the year," Fellah said.

Maravedis also said Beceem, Sequans and GCT account for nearly 90 percent of the total mobile WiMAX chipset market, while indoor modems represented about 48 percent of WiMAX units shipped last year.

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