Marriott rolls out wireless charging stations with Qi technology

Marriott Hotels is providing wireless charging stations in the lobbies of 29 of its hotels this month thanks to portable charging stations from Kube Systems that use Qi technology.

Qi wireless charging technology allows compatible smartphones to charge simply by resting on a portable Qi transmitter, removing the need for cables and a power cord.

Kube's deal with Marriott involved a two-year development effort in collaboration with Marriott technologies. Kube is using wireless power transmitter technology from Integrated Device Technology (IDT) for the charging stations in the hotels.

Specifically, Kube deployed the IDT P9036, an integrated single-chip Wireless Power Consortium-compliant (Qi standard) transmitter, for its magnetic induction charging stations found in the hotels.

"We teamed with IDT because of the company's expertise and experience bringing this type of innovative technology to consumers," said Dave Weinstein, vice president at Kube Systems, in a release. "As a result, thousands of Marriott customers have first-adopter access to the convenience of wireless charging."

"Before Kube Systems chose IDT as the provider of its wireless charging chips, we had to demonstrate we have the technology and know-how to ensure their success," said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager, Analog and Power Division at IDT. "After 12 months of working closely to develop the product, the sleek Kube Systems stations are testament to IDT's ongoing leadership in wireless charging."

IDT announced at the Intel Developer Forum that it is working closely with Intel on the development of magnetic resonance wireless charging technology, the enabler for charging multiple devices simultaneously without the need for direct contact with a charger.

The chargers in the Marriott hotels can simultaneously power up to six devices, covering Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices. The idea came from a submission on

According to a Marriott Hotels survey, the average U.S. business traveler carries two to three mobile devices with them on the road. The hotel chain says it is taking that into consideration and doing what it can to improve the hotel-staying experience. Notably, those efforts include adding more accessible power outlets in the guest rooms.

Marriott is also working with partners like the MIT Mobile Experience Lab. Marriott and MIT students co-created Six Degrees to reinvent the hotel lobby as a social hub using a mobile app to connect people with similar backgrounds and interests.

PowerKube Kube Systems

Detail from Kube promo sheet on its PowerKube wireless charging station. (Source: Kube Systems)

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